Reclaimed by Nature

Carpentry, glass, furniture, rustic décor, gardening and consultation services.

We focus on sustainable design and repurposed materials when possible. To bring out the character and resilience that nature has to offer, and in order to keep our Earth clean. We are an environmentally conscientious company and attempt to source local resources . Let us help you with your next project!

Heirloom dresser converted into changing table.

Let us renew your old piece and bring it new life!

Custom dog bowl for large breed

Reclaimed oak boards with aluminum backsplash for this messy eater!

Why throw out a perfectly good window if there is an opening it will fit in! Using one new window and repurposing one to fix two windows with one preverbal stone!

We order custom glass, windows and doors to your needs. Reach out for a quote and we can get you all fixed up!